Data Intelligence & Management

Database generation and management services

As a leading provider of database generation and management services across various Industries, Frontier Media has helped clients in acquiring and maintaining huge databases. At our resource center we generate, validate and update databases on our own or as per the requirement of our clients. This continuous process of generating and upgrading databases has resulted in a profiled data base of more than 1 million companies with more than 2.4 million contacts details with emails and telephone numbers across various sectors and verticals.

We help businesses overcome B2B Sales and Marketing challenges through our Database services.

Our partnerships with industry leading B2B database networks, technologies and team of highly experienced in-house telemarketers help us to deliver technology sales leads that are more likely to convert. We have access to a large network of leading B2B databases and technologies to conduct automated as well as phone based discovery and verifications. We specialize in "Role based" & "Title based" leads discovery, which produces more targeted sales leads.

We provide b2b data for all regions i.e. Europe, APAC, North and South America. On the database hygiene front, we provide a full spectrum of services designed to keep your marketing and sales database up-to-date at all times. These services include database analysis, cleansing, repair, provisioning, appending and maintenance services.

We are well equipped to cover most regions including North America, EMEA, and APAC. We will be happy to discuss your needs and offer a most appropriate and cost effective solution.