Frontier Media is providing B2B Demand Generation, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing & Digital Marketing services.

Design research and strategy

To make successful products for companies that see diverse sets of users, we take a holistic approach. We benchmark a product against the market to identify and better understand its users and to clarify the path, tools, and processes needed to best design it.

Defines a product’s look, feel, and character in more ways than one. Typography, color, proportion, hierarchy, and layout are some of the essential concepts our team considers in-depth. Our designs get users to engage, enticing them to come back for more, especially when design is married with opportunities found in the technologies we champion

Website Development

We use technologies proven and supported by a large open-source community and adopted by leading companies.

We know that quality code is more cost-effective over the long term. We also believe that testing is the responsibility of the software engineering team, not a separate function, as it creates accountability and reduces QA.


Your web property needs a proven finely tuned approach to reach its full potential. To defend against this potential confusion, our process is transparent and efficient, giving our clients assurance every step of the way. From a clear discovery phase, sitemap planning and architecture to web user design – then to web development coding and finally to quality assurance and testing. Once all approved, then we schedule a Launch of your new website. One way Frontier Media ensures your satisfaction with the end result is our clear and proven 6-step approach to website property development.

  Discovery & planning

  Proofing & info architecture

  User experience & design

  Development & functionality

  Launch & ongoing support

Our service

Looking for an innovative lean company that is dedicated to the success of your website presence? If so, you’ve found us and no need to look further. Frontier Media is a passionate digital partner that understands your unique goals and challenges. We have both expertise and experience across a multitude of industries and businesses, and we take pride in surpassing our clients’ expectations every day with our services

Website Design

Craft an attractive website that entices your visitors while also being engaging and easy to use.

Website Development

Custom features like eCommerce Development, CMS / Content Management Systems and more.


From shopping cart to checkout, increase sales and take control of the products you are offering online.

Testing & QA

Rest assured knowing your website and it’s CMS will undergo routine testing before being launched.

Content Writing

Boost credibility and page traffic with well written and thought provoking content for your website.

Responsive Web Design

Make your website “respond” to any device size. Text, images and videos resize to fit all internet browsers!